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The Research Office @ RAU

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Open access platforms

eLife – Open access to the most promising advances in science.

F1000Research – Open science publishing, using immediate publication followed by transparent peer review.

GigaScience – Online open-access open-data journal that publishes ‘big-data’ studies from the life and biomedical sciences.

Limn – Free journal that outlines contemporary problems.

PeerJ – Open access pre-print and publishing of life science research with annotation.

ScienceOpen – Freely accessible research network to share and evaluate scientific information.

The Winnower – Open access online science publishing platform that employs open post-publication peer review.

Journal reviews and advisors

Cofactor Science Journal Selector – A journal selector from the editing service Cofactor.

Edanz’s journal advisor – Personal guide that recommends the tools and services you need to get published.

Editorlookup – Search tool to help find scientific professionals for academic tasks, such as editors and reviewers for scientific manuscripts.

Journal Finder – Elsevier’s service that help you find journals that could be best suited for publishing your scientific article.

Journal Guide – Find the best journal for your research.

Journal Reviewer – Aggregates information users provide about their experience with academic journals’ review processes.

RoMEO – Find out publisher copyright and self-archiving policies.

SciRev – Share your experience with the scientific review process and learn from others to decide where to submit your manuscripts.

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