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2collab:  "2collab is a new type of research tool launched in 2007- a collaboration platform designed specifically for researchers in the science, technical and medical communities.  Intended for use by professional researchers in academic, government and corporate institutions, 2collab provides three types of features:  1. Online bookmarking and reference management.  2. Groups - for sharing with existing networks, or building new ones.  3. Networking - find, evaluate and initiate contact with new people" (Free, cross-platform)

AskSam: "a flexible and powerful way to organize information and create searchable databases from Web pages, Email, PDF files, texts, and Word documents" (Commercial, PC)

BlueOrganizer: "BlueOrganizer adds a button to your toolbar with a menu that has been automatically personalized based on your browsing history. This menu contains contextual shortcuts to make all relevant information for books, music, movies, wines, recipes, stocks, and more just 1-click away."  (Free, Firefox add-on)

Devon Think: "DEVONthink stores your documents, scanned papers, email messages, notes, bookmarks, etc. in one place. Access live web pages seamlessly from within DEVONthink to review, extract further information." (Commercial, Mac)

EverNote:  an application that allows you to capture information of any kind anywhere and synchronize it across all of your devices: "Take snapshots, read to-do lists, record audio whenever and wherever you like." (Free, with premium service available; cross-platform)

Journler: "a daily notebook and entry based information manager.  Scholars, teachers, students, professors, scientists, thinkers, the business minded and writers of every persuasion use it on a daily basis to connect the written word with the media most important to them." (Shareware, Mac)

Mendeley: "free social software for managing and sharing research papers. It is also a Web 2.0 site for discovering research trends and connecting to like-minded academics.” (Free, Cross-platform)

Netvibes: a "service that brings together your favorite media sources and online services. Everything that matters to you — blogs, news, weather, videos, photos, social networks, emails and much more — is automatically updated every time you visit your Page." (Free, web-based)

NoodleTools: Take notes, pile them on a virtual tabletop, add visual cues and tags which can then be searched and grouped, drag-and-drop notes or piles into an outline created on-the-fly or in advance (Commercial, Web-based, cross platform).

Notebook: [Review] application which offers a notebook-like interface for organizing digital information such as notes and web pages; users can annotate, search, track tasks (Commercial, Mac)

Pageflakes: personalized web portal: "you can easily customize the Internet and make it yours using ‘Flakes’ – small, movable versions of all of your web favorites that you can arrange on your personal homepage. You can also participate in the Pageflakes community, sharing your page as a ‘Pagecast’ with a private group or with the world, and connecting with other users across the globe." (Free, web-based)

Papers: "iTunes for research"; can automatically capture bibliographic information from PDFs; browse, organize and read papers--now available for the iPhone (Commercial, Mac)

Personal Brain: "helps you organize all your Web pages, contacts, documents, emails and files in one place so that you can always find them" (Commercial, cross-platform)

Scrapbook: "Scrapbook is a Firefox extension, which helps you to save Web pages and easily manage collections. Key features are lightness, speed, accuracy and multi-language support." (Free, browser-based)

Supermemo: "A. SuperMemo is a learning method that makes it possible to learn fast and retain memories for years    B. SuperMemo is available as an easy computer program for Windows, Windows CE, and Palm Pilot. It can also be used in a web browser, in DOS, in Linux, on Mac, on Amiga, and even without a computer    C. SuperMemo is based on the science of long-term memory" (Free, with premium versions available; cross-platform)

Twine: Twine helps you organize, share and discover information about your interests, with networks of like-minded people; can use Twine alone, with friends, groups and communities, or even in your company (Free, web-based)

Yojimbo: information manager: store and organize files, annotate, search (Commercial, Mac)

Zotero: an excellent Firefox-based research tool that lets you manage bibliographies, take notes, download resources, analyze your research, and more (Open source, cross-platform)

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