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Ethics & Responsible Research

The Romanian-American University recognises its responsibility to researchers and the wider community to ensure that the highest standards of integrity and professionalism are observed in the conduct of research at the University.

Ethical principles in scientific research at the university

  • Truth, honesty, openness. Research should create new knowledge and it should be honest, open, with integrity.

  • Freedom in choosing research topics, methodology, the publication of results.

  • Quality. Research should be of high quality. Researchers should have the necessary competence and expertise.

  • Voluntary informed consent. Research participants should participate voluntarily in a study and should be informed about different aspects of it.

  • Confidentiality. Research participants should be entitled to have their personal data confidential.

  • Impartiality. The roles during a research process should be clarified from the beginning.

  • Integrity. The researcher should not fabricate or falsify data, should avoid misconduct.

  • Institutional responsibility. Not only the researcher but also the research organization should comply to ethical standards.

  • Collegiality. Researchers should behave in a respectful manner towards colleagues and peers with respect to data ownership and sharing, authorship, publication, peer review, and cooperation.

  • Availability of results. Research results should be open, available, to allow verification and dialogue.

  • Social responsibility. Research should benefit research participants (should not cause them harm), the environment and the society.

Training workshops RRI

In 2022, the Romanian-American University organized two workshops for Ethics in Research and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) (March 2022, September 2022) 
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