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  • Completing your consortium or becoming a partner in a proposed project

  • Finding suitable partners for your proposal



One way to find suitable project partners is to search for profiles in partner databases or to register your own profile. Several platforms offer online partner search tools to facilitate networking and collaboration among universities, research organisations, SMEs and industry across Europe and around the world.



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Partner Search


Find partners for your project ideas among the organisations registered in the European Commission’s Funding & Tenders Portal.

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)


Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is a business support network, initiated by the European Commission, promoting competitiveness and innovation at local level via its 600 member organisations present in over 60 countries.

It offers professional support services to bridge the gap between research and the market by facilitating transnational business-business and business-academia innovation partnerships across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

EEN helps companies, especially small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), find international business partners, source new technologies, access EU funding or find a business application for a technology.

The EEN services:
- Provide information and practical advice on market opportunities, European legislation and policies relevant to a company or sector
- Help SMEs to find suitable business partners
- Support SMEs to build technology partnerships
- Develop SMEs competitiveness by empowering their research and innovation capacities
- Facilitate access to information on EU projects and funding

Further information on this European network can be found here



Ideal-ISTis an international ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) National Contact Point (NCP) network, supporting research and innovation activities for the EU Framework Programmes. The network includes more than 65 partners from Member States, Associated Countries, Eastern European Partner Countries (EEPC), Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC), and other countries throughout the world.

Further information on partner search on this network can be found here

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