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The Research Office @ RAU


Septembrie 2023

2ème édition du Symposium de la recherche scientifique francophone en Europe centrale et orientale (SRSF-ECO’2023)


Septembrie 2023

International Conference "Ongoing Social, Economic and Environmental Challenges" (First edition)


Septembrie 2023

International scientific and practical conference "Bulgaria of regions 2023“

Septembrie 2023

Informare Comisia Europeana- oportunitati de finantare- eveniment online- 27-28 septembrie 2023


August 2023

The 14th Supply Chain Management For Efficient Consumer Response Conference


Iulie 2023

International Scientific Events 2023


Iulie 2023

UEFISCDI informeaza despre noi competitii. Pentru informatii suplimentare, vizitati


Iulie 2023

Global Interferences of the Knowledge Society (4 th International Conference)


Iunie 2023

Proiecte de cercetare pentru stimularea tinerelor echipe independente (TE 2023) din cadrul Planului Național IV


Iunie 2023

Proiecte de cercetare exploratorie (PCE 2023) din cadrul Planului Național IV


April 2023

9th ERAZ Conference: Knowledge Based Sustainable Development

March 2023

2023 8th International Conference on Intelligent Information Processing

March 2023

Resilience and competitiveness of the national economies - under the sign of creativity, crisis and conflicts - RESILNAT - 3C


March 2023


March 2023

Vă supunem atenției programul european ESPON 2030 și liniile de finanțare publicate


March 2023

FI BA 2023

March 2023

Inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Challenges, measures and solutions (ISEG 2023)


March 2023

The Knowledge-Based Organization-KBO Conference (29th International Scientific Conference)


March 2023

Online training webinar ”Widening Participation - Improved Access to Excellence”


March 2023

International Conference “Information Society and Sustainable Development” (ISSD 2023) - Call for Papers, Template


February 2023

Great Powers’ Foreign Policy

Avem deosebita plăcere de a anunța apariția capitolului de carte publicat de colegii noștri din cadrul Departamentului de Studii Asiatice, Șerban Georgescu și Diana Peca în volumul Great Powers’ Foreign Policy. Approaching the Global Competition and the Russian War against the West editat de prestigioasa editura Brill.

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The Research Office at Romanian-American University offers support, information and assistance for researchers engaged in social and economic sciences,  to prepare for, conduct and share their studies and results.



Research Office Services & Support

Research Funding Support

We help finding suitable funding programs and in interpreting the terms of the funding agency. We give advice and comments at writing phase of the application. We provide information and guidance related to EU funding calls. 
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Research Funding Calls

We offer information regarding open, forthcoming and ongoing calls for proposals in EU Horizon Europe programme for research and innovation and in national UEFISCDI funding agency.
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Research Profile

We are a very dynamic university in research in Social Sciences, Law, Sport and Kinesiotherapy.
> Research Profile
PIC number EU Horizon Europe:

Horizon Europe

1615 books

7189 papers

450 ISI papers

> 50 research projects

Research Services

We are directly responsible for the strategic planning, evaluation and reporting of research.
- Research Strategy & Planning
​- Research Evaluation & Reporting
​- Responsible Research and Ethics
​- Communication of Research Results
​- Update and Disseminate Research Profile
​- Assign DOI and Maintain CrossRef Database
​- APA Standards
​- Research tutorials
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Research Journals for Students

We created two open access scientific journals for graduate and undergarduate students, which we edit and publish several times a year.
- Research Focus (ISSN 2668-4675)
- Studii si Cercetari Academice (in Romanian) (ISSN 2668-599X)


Research Tools

We collected a large range of digital tools that are available for preparing, conducting and communicating research.
- Survey Tools
- Digital Tools for
  • Identifying Research Problem
  • Literature Review
  • Collecting Data
  • Data Analysis
  • Communicating Research Results
- Digital Tools for Data Visualization
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Info on calls and funding

Do you want to receive information on open and upcoming calls for proposals in Horizon Europe?



Research Databases

We assembled a large collection of databases that can be used for preparing and conducting research.
- General Databases in Social and Economic Sciences
- Economic Databases
- Business and Management Databases
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Horizon Europe

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